The Top Tipster Club is a joint venture between Sportsworld Publishing and IE Software. It is basically a combination of 14 Tipsters services and an automatic Bot software program. This could be an ideal solution for those people who find it difficult to find the time to make their own selections and place their bets.

Members of the Top Tipster Club can decide which of the Tipsters to follow. To help, the Club produce a league table of how the tipsters are performing and give them a rating. The rating takes into account both their overall performance but also emphasises their most recent form so that you can see if they are running “hot” or “cold”.

The basic idea is sound and for a one off monthly fee you actually have access to 14 tipsters plus an automatic Bot for placing your bets. Of course any operation such as this is only going to be as good as Best horse racing tipster the tipsters selections. Looking at the currently posted past results if you had followed all the tipsters for the last 28 days you would have made a 60 point profit after Betfair commission.

One useful feature is that the league table also shows the Return on Liability (ROL) which is a useful figure for those punters who prefer to lay horses to lose rather than backing to win. This is shows the layer the return based on your real investment, i.e. the amount that you could lose should your selection win.

The basic idea is that you select the tipsters that you wish to follow and enter them along with the amount you wish to stake into the software program (Bot). The software then logs into your Betfair account and carries out your instructions. Once you have set up your software you can just leave it to run or change your tipsters or amount you wish to bet at any time.

If there was a prize for the worst video presentation I think the one on The Top Tipster Club sales page would win it. In fact it is so bad that it could well put some potential users of the system off which could be a pity.


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